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What Our User Say

  • Best so far connectivity in this area. Using it for about 2 years and highly satisfied.
    -Shubham, Southcity

  • Amazing service with amazing speed And the best part is best customer service which solves problem within seconds
    -Nishit Mangal, Eldeco Udhyan

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iNet Network is a widely-used and trusted online support system. It seamlessly routes inquiries created via email, web-forms and phone calls into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform. iNet Network comes packed with more plans in the market. The best part is, it's easy to get connected.

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Best Selling Plans

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  • UN2MB

    Rs.299/- per month
    • Limit = Unlimited
    • Download :2Mbps
    • FUP N/A
    • IP Dynamic
    • * Static Ip user needs to pay Rs 300/- per month
  • UN4MB

    Rs.499/- Per Month
    • Limit = Unlimited
    • Download : 4Mbps
    • FUP N/A
    • IP Dynamic
    • * Static Ip user needs to pay Rs 300/- per month
  • UN8MB

    Rs. 749/- Per Month
    • Limit = Unlimited
    • Download : 8Mbps
    • FUP N/A
    • IP Dynamic
    • * Static Ip user needs to pay Rs 300/- per month
  • UN15MB

    Rs. 949/- Per Month
    • Limit = Unlimited
    • Download : 15Mbps
    • FUP N/A
    • IP Dynamic
    • * Static Ip user needs to pay Rs 300/- per month
  • UN20MB

    Rs. 1199/- Per Month
    • Limit = Unlimited
    • Download : 20Mbps
    • FUP N/A
    • IP Dynamic
    • * Static Ip user needs to pay Rs 300/- per month
  • FUP15MB200

    Rs. 599/- per month
    • Limit = 200GB
    • Download : 15Mbps+
    • 5Mbps After Limit
    • IP Dynamic
    • * Static Ip user needs to pay Rs 300/- per month
  • FUP15MB500

    Rs. 799/- per month
    • Limit = 500GB
    • Download : 15Mbps+
    • 2Mbps After Limit
    • IP Dynamic
    • * Static Ip user needs to pay Rs 300/- per month
  • FUP15MB800

    Rs. 999/- per month
    • Limit = 800GB
    • Download : 15Mbps+
    • 5Mbps After Limit
    • IP Dynamic
    • * Static Ip user needs to pay Rs 300/- per month
  • Speed May depend upon feasibility from BTS of iNet Network
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    iNet Network

    About Us

    We, iNet Network are working as the DSA (Direct Sales Agent) of Class "A" License Holder Company "WORLD PHONE INTERNET SERVICES PVT. LTD. We aim to work towards our vision, driven by our values. We are alive to the needs of our customers. We act with passion, energy to help our customers realise their dreams. Innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit drive us - if it can’t be done, we’ll find a way. Inet is a Secured & Wireless Broadband services both for residential & commercial purpose, suiting the requirement of the consumer. We provide you a level of experience and professionalism upon which you can trust. We are well equipped with modern Process, Experienced Professional and Energetic Management personnel.

    Terms & Conditions

    • Installation within 7-10 days or subject to network feasibility.
    • Connection & plans availabilities are subject to our network feasibility & availability.
    • One Month Recharge pack charges will apply with new connection if plan is under 1Mbps.
    • Speeds indicated are only up to our ISP node, given on best efforts basis as per TRAI guideline.
    • Beyond this speed will go down or reduce in to 512 Kbps after FUP data.
    • After free data usage, you can still download UNLIMITED with reducing speed as per plan.
    • All CPE equipments will provide by us for connection same will be returned to us at the time of disconnection. And all equipments are under sole ownership of iNet Network.
    • All plan speed measured in Kilobits per second (Kbps) or Megabit per second (Mbps), not in Kilobyte per second (KBPS) or Megabyte per second (MBPS).
    • Please also note all the Internet Browser software is measure download speed in KBPS (Kilo Byte per Second) so kindly divided your plan speed by 8 to calculate proper download speed in all browsers only.
    • All Plan Packs Price are and activation charges are inclusive of service tax. And subject to change in future.
    • Contention ratio for scheme are set as 1:50 for home user and for business user 1:30 as per guideline set by TRAI & DOT.
    • All the service related to internet are provided On behalf of World Phone Internet Service (P) Ltd., New Delhi (Class-A ISP).
    • Download & Upload ratio 1:2 in Home Broadband pack and 1:1 in Business Broadband pack.
    • Minimum speed availability 75% in Residential Broadband user Home pack and 90% in Business Broadband user SME pack.
    • All the Plane pack mentioned here are subject to regulatory approval.
    • Company reserves the right to withdraw/Suspend/Modify & Alter /Cancel/Change the tariff plan pack with any prior notice or information.
    • Please read carefully data usages and transfer calculation in every FUP Planes.
    • Activation/Registration charges will applicable with all Planes Pack as per actual for Residential Home User and Business SME User.
    • In Home Plan FUP Data limited will be calculate Based on data transfer (Download & Upload) both.
    • In Business SME Plan FUP Data limited will be calculate Based on Download only Upload will not calculated in FUP.
    • All plan charges will be charged in advance.
    • Service activation will be done within 7-10 working days from the date of realization of the subscription amount. In case of cheque payment, service installation and activation may take 15 working days from cheque submission date.
    • In case of service discontinuation from the subscribers end no refund will be granted for CPE Equipment, Outdoor Ap, POE, Lan Cable, Pole, Tower, Clamp, Adaptor, Router etc..
    • Speed and Data usage limit subject to company Fair Usage Policy.
    • If You are using the service provided by our company then it will be assume that you have gone through all the T&C of the company & you have accept all the T&C of the Company, failing which the user will be held responsible for not going through the T&C provided by the company.


    We live the same lives as our customers, sharing the same joys and the same pains. We never forget that they are why we exist. We act with due humility, always open and honest, to achieve mutual respect. Our vision is to enrich the lives of our customers, Our obsession is to win customers for life through an exceptional experience by offering innovative products and solutions. we aim to be a leading Internet Service Provider in Lucknow.


    Our mission is our hunger to win customers for life, to raise the benchmarks of customer experience. We will endeavour to deliver enhanced customer experience through innovation, by use of cutting edge technology and by extensive knowledge dissemination to members of its customer support teams. currently our service available in telibagh, southcity, eldeco udhyan, vrindavan colony, rajni khand, pgi and raebareilly road nearby area's of LUCKNOW. further we are planning to extent our services very soon.